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in today's rapidly changing human resource culture, and amidst the overall economic scenario of India, India temporary staffing is the first thing that the employers are looking for nowadays. Whatever long-term goals a job-applicant in India may have today, there is no denying the fact that every corporate today, irrespective of its industry and size, goes for leasing of candidates, which in other words can be named 'GenNext Human Resource Management '. In the context of the ever-changing global economy, this practice of recent times has led to overcoming the business challenges faced by the corporates in India. This is because, with temporary staff, they can lease skilled employees in any function, in any department without all the liabilities associated with keeping permanent employees. On the other hand, temporary staffing openings provide opportunities to millions of talented freshers as well as experienced candidates to work with big names in the industry, while at the same time having the freedom to look out for part-time work options, according to their convenience. With these jobs, they usually get all the benefits of permanent employees, including Medical, Accident Insurance and Statutory Obligations, lucrative enough for candidates in India.

Now, what if we introduce you to a gateway of temporary jobs India where you can search for the temp jobs of your choice, and enter into a contractual agreement, without paying any service-charges? That's what we do, at JobsOnTemp.com. An GenNext Human Resource Management  subsidiary of GenNext Human Resources Management , one of India's leading HR Consultants, we, at JobsOnTemp, help modern organizations overcome their business challenges. Realizing fully the complexity of human resource issues presented by the ever-changing global economy, our India temporary staff services open up new vistas of professional careers to candidates. Search for your dream temporary job with us or be a registered member to receive regular updates on temp job openings, career tips and motivational thoughts from one of the most respected temping agencies india.

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  GenNext Solution : :

A. The pay-rolling solution offered by GenNext is a comprehensive package of devising / designing the compensation structure of employees based on the sector they work in; administer the process in time to save the client company its core resources; and manage an important employee sensitive business transaction and most importantly be cost effective than to manage it internally.

B. The compensation structure design also keeps the best interest of employees in mind to get them maximum tax benefits and at the same time ensures the company does not end up paying much of Fringe Benefit Tax. The process of administering the Payroll is done at our office, managed by a team of HR professionals and Accountants, and this team works under the direct supervision of a Chartered Accountant.

C. The client company will deal with just a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) and will have all the necessary transactions effected and management reports generated. The employees will contact the SPOC on all benefits administration related issues and the SPOC will keep the Client HR team informed of all issues and redress.

1. Devise or understand (in case the compensation is structured previously) the compensation break-up in place for all employees and advice on new structure whenever they need to be effected.

2. Integrate the employee benefits program and customize the solution for each client Company.

3. Seek attendance for the month from the Client Company HR for each employee.

4. Assign Pay parameters based on leave components if applicable.

5. Prepare Pay advice for each employee; and consolidate the list for bank transfer, the day before the payroll date, and send it for validation to Finance Department.

6. If required be; manage the logistics of sending such advise to the Bank to effect the transfer of Pay to employees.

7. Prepare and process PF submission chalans (orders) and process with the PF office. Submit receipts of such orders to the company for records, with a copy retained with us for any future reference.

8. Effect a similar process for Professional Tax and any Tax deduction at source.

9. Prepare and process necessary submissions for medical / health insurance. Submit receipts of such orders to the company, with a copy retained with us, for any future reference

10. Prepare and submit payroll report for HR / Finance Department of the client company for reconciliation.

11. Revert and clarify on any employee query.

12. Rectification of errors in the unlikely event of such errors occurring.

13. Issue compliance forms and maintain statutory registers relating to labour compliance norms.

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